Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 30th, The Night my Dreams came to Reality.

       March 30th at 7:37, The Knocks really got us (the crowd) jumping before Ellie Goulding toke the stage. Mr.Jpatt ended up throwing his drumstick at Ben and since I was front row caught it! They are truly down to earth. But i'll talk about that towards the end. Anyways, Ellie Goulding stunned us with her opening. It was not as dramatic as other singers do. But her presence, really touched me. And yes, I did get teary. She is my idol! So her first song was Under the Sheets, one of my fave songs. And moved on to;

This love (Will be your Downfall
Every time you go
Biggest Mistake
Gun & Horses
Wish I stayed
Your Song
The Writer
Salt Skin
Starry Eyed

Human.. was suppose to be performed but since she was so ill she couldn't.
But she promised to come back during the summer.

During her songs she would introduce which song she would sing and why she wrote it. She was truly adorable! She would always say. "Umm, i'll stop talking now." And sing the song. As you already read she was Very sick. We sang most of the songs for her, well I know I did! When Starry Eyed came out, it was her last song of the night. It really did get the crowd jumping since it was her most popular song. After the show was over, my boyfriend and I ran through the crowd so I could go upstairs and be first in line for the Meet and Greet. I was so excited, my heart was just bursting out of me. But as we all lined up there was an announcement made by one of the staff. " Ellie Goulding will not be coming out for the Cd Signing, she is truly ill and doesn't want her lovely fans getting sick by her. We are truly sorry, folks." In my mind, I was super sad. But mostly worried. I wanted to hug her, even thou she was sick. As they escorted us out the second floor, i asked the staff member where Ellie would be. She advised me to go to her Tour bus which was out front, since that would be the first place any sick artist went to. I asked her for a Sharpie marker in case I met her. She wished me luck. And I just ran off to her bus. There I waited with about 6 other girls, we knocked on her bus, but no answer.

My boyfriend and I waited approximatively 1 hour outside in the cold for her. During that hour, I met James Patterson (Jpatt)and Ben Ruttner (B-Roc)also known as The Knocks.

Her Music mixer!
Maxwell Cooke - Synth

Chris Ketley - Guitar, Bass and Keys
Later on, I met ALL of   Ellie's band members. 

 Of course her Bass player remembered me since I greeted him before the show, and was in front of him during the show. Her drummer (Joe Clegg) never came back for a picture, oh well.

  You would think band members won't stay after the show and chat. But your wrong, Jpatt actually stayed with us and chatted! We made a web-episode for their site. And talked about their performance. I truly love how chill he was! His manger even stayed and chatted with us He stayed with us for most of the hour. When it was about 10:53, he told us he wanted hot dogs, and if we wanted to come. Of course we wanted to but it was way to late for us. Right after we walked them to their van. We went back to the side of the alley. And waited like 10mins and guess who Finally came out? Ms. Ellie Goulding herself! To tell you the truth, it didn't even look like her. But, I knew it was her. I felt it in my gut! She greeted us, and  was literally stunned that we waited for her! She then apologized about having to finish the show early and not having meet and greets with us. I told her this is W A Y better then any meet and greet that we paid for. She was such a doll, I was surprised at how chill artists from the United Kingdom are. Anyways, so I asked her if she would take a picture with me she said of course. But before we toke the photo I showed her my necklace and she said " I have the same one!" I told her, I know, I got it so we can match. Then we hugged, toke the picture and she signed my Cd, Setlist, and Poster. I just admired her, since I was still starstruck, literally! She then signed all of the other girls Cds and toke pictures with them. And as I was about to walk away. I realized, Ellie Goulding is right in front of me and I am going to walk away. N O! So I waited for her, and as the other girls just ran away. I stayed and you know what I did. I walked with her. Yup! Wrapped my arm around her and crossed the lonesome street with her. We chatted the whole walk, about the UK, and how much she  meant to me. I was just in shock that I was talking to her. While this was happening my boyfriend toke this picture of us!

Yes, Ladies and Gentes. Thats Ellie Goulding and I walking towards her fans. Amazing, huh? Ahh, I can agree.
Anyways, I had to let her go. So she could sign the rest of her fans Cds and all. They really were unprepared. They retoke pictures with her like 7 times, and each time it came out terrible. Haha! Her cherrytree records manager told them to hurry since it was cold and late (11:20pm) So as she was about to walk in her bus. I hugged her one more time told her " God Bless you Ellie, get well soon for us, and don't forget to come visit us again." She promised she would!

More Pictures!


The Setlist, I got to keep!

She is truly a doll!

Yes, thats my hand ;)

The picture we toke after we chatted!

When she was signing everyone else's Cds.

Memories from the Concert, I received  7 posters exact

Ellie Goulding's Light Cd, Ellie's Setlist, Sharpie

Jpatt's Drum stick, Free Poster signed by Ellie
Our matching Leopard Chain


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That leopard chain is so cool! But kind of creepy since it's a dead one...right? :d
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Hahaha your guys are amazing!

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