Friday, May 17, 2013

Outfit 7

Hey lovelys! welcome to my fashion/ style blog. Summer has started off with amazing weather and I could not be anymore happier! Being able to where my cute summer clothes just thrills me. I spend all winter planning cute summer outfits and now I can finally wear them and show you them (hopefully). This is my first fun summery outfit! These amazing forever 21 American flag shorts were just 22.30! I was thrilled when I found these at the store, especially since I lost 12 pounds and I can fit in to F21 clothes ( that were supposedly were made smaller). These simple button up was $15 at Target, I adore target! I always find amazing deals especially in the clearance section. For shoes I am wearing my silver glittery tomes my boyfriend gifted me for my birthday. And for accessories just my Ray-bans and my long locks of hair! Hope your summer is going well or at least your receiving warm weather where you are. Love, Dirty D.

Outfit Details
Button up: Target $15
American Shorts + Belt: F21 $22.80
Shoes: Toms $54
Sunglasses: Ray-bans $54

Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer Vacay 2013

School is finally over, and I couldn't be any happier! Hey there Lovelys and welcome to my blog. I missed you all very much. So lets get down to business. Today, even thou its ,y first day of summer. It was well spent resting and painting my nails. Probably by the time you read this I am at work wishing I was at home next to my favorite candle but I am patient and have to make money some how! Also I am blogging from my Ipad so, I apologize ahead of time if this post comes put looking weird. Hope you have a good day and is excited for summer and more blog posts as I am! Love, Dirty D.

Any plans for the summer? Share them with me!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

20th Birthday & Finals Week

Susie the Cactus & I 

Hey lovelys, welcome to my fashion/style blog! I always start off my posts by apologizing for having such a busy life.. and I hate it. I miss blogging very much! Which is why I cannot wait for summer to finally be here. So much has happened these few months but I am ready to get back to my passion for fashion and now make up.  

Yes, this past Friday was my 20th birthday! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes, they made my day so much more special. But sadly after celebrating for 4 days straight I am ready to get back into studying for finals THEN to blogging. Hope you miss my blog posts as much as I miss all of you!

Love, Dirty D